Prayer Requests

Please pray, along with the search committee for the following:

• The body of believers here at Oscoda Baptist Church

• Our future pastor and their family

• That we would be open to God's sovereign and providential choice for our next pastor

• Momentum and spiritual growth

• Unity of hearts around the Word of God

Church Effectiveness Survey

We want to invite you to participate in a Church-Wide Survey to gain input for our pastoral search. This survey will gather valuable information as we search for our new pastor, is open to all OBC attendees, and can be taken online here.  

You may also obtain a hard copy at the church office during office hours, at church services, or you can print a hard copy from here

Just mark your answers on the survey key and submit the key in the Dropbox in the main lobby, or electronically via email at

Please remember this survey is not restricted to members only, but  is open to all attendees age 16 and over. It is very important to us that you use this survey so we can hear your input.  All information submitted is anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Converge Placement Network. Please complete as soon as possible before May 29th. We look forward to your responses from this survey and we hope to see you this coming Lord’s Day!


The search is being conducted in cooperation with Converge Network and their Placement Process.  The Converge Placement Network manual describes the search process as having the following six stages:

• The Organization Stage

• The Information Stage

• The Collection Stage

• The Selection Stage

• The Candidating Stage

• The Arrival Stage

These 6 stages include a number of tasks that each vary in length with some overlap between them.  Ask a member of the search committee for an update on where they are at in the process.  Also keep any eye out for updates here and in the church bulletin.  

Search Commmittee

Pastor Chris Olson (Associate Pastor)

Martin Gute (Deacon Chair) - Chair

Darby Decker II (Deacon)

John Nordeen (Deacon and Treasurer)

Robert Myles (Trustee Chair)

Adam VanKoningsveld (Trustee)

Rich Firebaugh (Spiritual Development Co-Chair and Financial Secretary)

Kate Decker (Mission Chair)

Paula Clarke (Christian Education Director)

Bethany Nordeen (Clerk) - Secretary